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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the wonderful ladies from the The Broke & The Bookish. This week it's about authors I really want to meet.

Anne Rice
Her books were so hard for me to put down. I mean I was so involved with the characters I wanted to be a vampire! She was the first person to make them sexy to me.

Ann N. Martien
The Babysitters club was my life line as a pre teen. I used to sit back and wish I could have my own baby sitters club. If i had daughters I would have read this series to them. I had about 60 of the books from the series it would have been a great hand down.

JK Rowling

I choose Rowling ,because  I hadn't read a series in a while and she made me want to read again. The world she made was so well developed I wanted to go live there. 
Dan Brown
I would love to meet the person who makes me wonder at night what is true and what is false. He made me love mysteries again.
C.S. Lewis
He made such timeless stories I wish i could meet him. Sadly he has passed away.
Maya Angelou
She was one of the greatest poets of our time. She could tell a story with such feeling it could bring you to tears. I loved to hear her voice in life and words. Another person I wished I could have meet.
Stephenie Meyer
Anyone that can whip up the world into frenzy over a vampire romance I want to meet!
Mildred D. Taylor
She is a great story teller of past events with out animosity. I loved following the Logan family through the years.
John Green
Green has also gotten me with whipping people into a frenzy with the romance in his books.
Stephen King
The master of scare me til I won't walk around my house in the dark scared? Of course I want to meet him

Thanks for reading my post.  Tell me, who would you want to meet? Leave your comments below!
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