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HI there everyone! I have a really awesome find for all you book and candle fans out there. I ran into these lovely folk at  the recent Cherry Blossom Festival in Cherryvile N.C. When I came upon this stand I noticed they had a wide array of handmade candles.
So I stopped to take a sniff. When I did to my surprise I noticed that they where book themed! Yeah!  And get this guys they are soy wax and even better they smell heavenly. So I picked up a few.

They also make wax melts to put in your warmers. These looked so good but I didn't purchase any this time. For all you handmade soap lovers out there they also make these beautiful bar soaps that smell devine.

The one's above are what I purchased :
 Hagrid's Hut - Scented with green apples, honey, cinnamon,bark,caramel, maple sugar and cider spice.
Butter Beer - Scented with sweet and gooey marshmallows, notes of powdered sugar and Butterscotch.
The Three Broomsticks - Scented with notes of buttery dark rum, brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, creamy butter and vanilla.
Main Street Bakery - Smells like you are walking down disneys main street, scents of sugar , pumpkin and apple.
Netflix and Chill - Salty and sweet caramel popcorn with noted of fresh popped kernels, maple and vanilla.
Dauntless - Scents of rain and earthy patchouli notes of moss, lily, and citrus.

Scent Strength: Cold Sniff- this was a medium scent meaning neither of these are over powering. You simple smell it when you walk in and wonder where its coming from. When lit it has a light throw. It slowly filled my bedroom. I've only lit the dauntless candle so far.
Burn Quality: Excellent burn no soot or smoke.
Final Thoughts:  Either of these scents would be a nice guest friendly scent.  This is a one wick candle with soy wax and a cotton wick. The one that I burned had a nice even pool under the wick.

Jessica and Seth are the owners of  Let it Burn Candles on Etsy. Check them out some time.Tell them that A Book Readers World scent you!

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