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Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Lainey and Mindy on Goodreads.
 Check them out here! This week we are talking about characters we are most like.

  1. At once when I saw this post I thought of Susan from the Chronicles of Narnia. Maybe just a bit bossy but she means well. I can be a bit stand offish at first til I get to know you.
  2. What can I say I'm a book worm so, yes I am a bit like Heromine from the Harry Potter series. I love facts and information and learning all that I can.
  3. Sadly, but confidently I can say that I am like Rebecca from Confessions of a Shopaholic. Sometimes I shop way to much for no real reason but the feeling of having something new. But when the going gets tough I can turn  it around.
  4. Like jean louise from Go Set A Watchman, I too wonder why the world is the way it is. I also steadily question the validity of what is considered normal.
  5. Lastly I see a bit of my self in Mrs. Bennett  of Pride and Prejudice. Sometimes over baring, but always trying to obtain the best for my children!

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