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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the wonderful ladies from the The Broke & The Bookish.  Hi everyone! This week we are going to do my finished series I have yet to finish. Keep reading to check out my unfinished series.

1. Vegan Cuts this is really a shop and I love it for all the lovely delicious vegan snacks that they have.

2. Wendy's Lookbook this is such an awesome blog for all you fashonistias out there aspiring or seasoned. I've been following her for a few years now and I can only wish to look as put together as her.

3. My Beauty Bunny is another blog that I have been following for a few years. They always keep me informed of the beauty products that are cruelty free. Showing that you can look beautiful with out hurting animals.

4. Ann Le Style is another blog I follow that is full of DIY's, fashion, and lifestyle post. She always has some pretty awesome ideas.

5. Food Babe is a food blog I love that keeps me up  to date with the foods I should avoid on my local grocery shelf. Hey I like to be informed.
6. Fully raw - is another food blog that I follow. Kristina is so delightful to watch. and she has such awesome recopies.

Well i didn't make it to ten this time guys but those are the sites that i look at the most around the web when i'm not looking at the book related ones!

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